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More Experience

For several years San Juan Capistrano has struggled to find consistent leadership. We’ve supported then opposed then re-supported transportation improvements, approved then un-approved only to re-approve development projects. We’ve elected leaders then held elections to recall them, applauded then terminated city staff. Our public meetings often lack the decorum and civility needed to run an effective organization. Although maybe well-intentioned, this inconsistent leadership has resulted in expensive and unnecessary lawsuits, empty lots with decrepit or demolished buildings, significant and unnecessary traffic congestion and missed opportunities for great improvements in our city.

I’ve never run for political office before, but I have run organizations. I’ve worked with some of our country’s largest and most successful firms as well as started and grown my own small companies. I’ve led teams in both professional and non-profit capacities with great results. I’ve also worked with the City of San Juan Capistrano’s professional staff—and the staff of other great cities in California. I’m familiar with how great cities are managed and have seen pitfalls that we can avoid. I’m running for City Council because I believe my experiences can help San Juan make great decisions in the next four years.