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A Fix for Ortega

Traffic congestion on Ortega Highway can be reduced, and public safety improved, by removing the current bottleneck that requires motorists to merge to two lanes for less than one mile before returning to the road’s standard four lanes. Three years ago, our City Council reversed course on its previous support for removing the bottleneck, vowing to fight the needed improvements. At the time they stated “the slowing traffic through that narrower portion of Ortega is safer”(1). I disagree and so do the traffic engineers. Only after a Grand Jury found the City’s action created millions of dollars in additional expenses did the council reluctantly reverse course, but their actions cost us years of additional delays. (2)

I live just north of Ortega Highway and I often travel it multiple times a day– to work and to my kids’ activities at San Juan Hills High School and Cook’s Park. I am firmly committed to expediting the removal of the Ortega bottleneck in order to improve the traffic circulation in and around our neighborhoods.

(1) Community Common Sense Guest Column, “Don’t Be Fooled”
(2) OC Register, “Grand Jury Issues Harsh Report Against San Juan Capistrano for Ortega Highway Delays,” June 5, 2017